希望各位喜欢TEZMAN的造型大力支持TETSU69. 这次设计的TEZMAN的形 给人一种表情丰富而有力感十足的感 不但可以给手机做装饰 而且可以挂在书包 无论何时都可以陪伴着您但是它的做工非常精 使用时不能用力过要小心保切勿损伤.


Who's TEZMAN ?

The TEZMAN has appeared as the most powerful promoter for the TETSU69 this time! Taxonomy / sex... unknown. As you call the TEZ"MAN",it can be considered as male. However,it is unable to classify as Primates human when you think of the fact that it has a tail. Biologically obscure.There is also an opinion that it is an extraterrestrial. Age / birthplace / employment history / marriage history... unknown. Although it looks young, it is possible to be its forties when you hear it sometimes talk all the popular Showa languages like "IKAS !", "NOWI!" , "GACHOOON !".It can speak all kinds of languages on the earth. And can communicate to all kinds of living things. It always dresses up in the fashionable designers suit, and also changes its hair colors depennding upon the occasion. TETSU69's CD samples, the super PC which can single handedly gather and summarize all the informations around the globe, the mobile phone with the capability to communicate with outer space, and the strictly confidential secret informations for next 100 years,all of these are in its briefcase. It has burning passsion and the ambiton, the expertise of management with its brutal sensibilities, and the judgement that overcomes diffculties. It sometimes fight with TETSU69 over a different opinion.Using up-to-date super business tools such as a small-sized one person riding rocket, jet injectionequipped backpack,double speed shoes and self-contained underwater breathing chewing gum,it travels around the world without distinction of the land sea sky,in order to handle the tight schedule. Although it is the inimitable vehicle lover.There is a rumor that it has no automobile license, It probably will support TETSU69 well in this music industry,where the betrayal and conspiracy and swirling.(true?)

Let's shout its name,TEZMAN !



TEZMAN是这次TETSU69最有力的后 类别,性别... 不明 .因为叫做 TEZ"MAN". 所以你可以把它当成是男 无论如何,当你看到它的尾巴的时就不能把它归在灵长类---不明物种. 也有人认为它是外星生年龄,出生工作经历, 婚姻状况...不详. 虽然它看起来很年说着" IKAS !" "NOWI !" "GACHOOON !" 这样的流行语,但事实上可能已经四十多岁 TEZMAN可以说地球上的所有语言,并且可以和一切生物沟! 它总是穿着时髦的名牌西在不同的场合变化头发的颜 在它的公文包有TETSU69的CD样盘;还有可以收集处理来自全世界的信息的super PC;以及可以连接外太空的便携电话;还有关于今后100年的机密情报. TEZMAN有火一样的激雄心勃勃! 有专业的管理见解和克服困难的判断能力! 它经常为了不同的见解和TETSU69发生争执! 它用着最现代化的business工具.例如一个小号的个人喷射火箭;双倍速度的鞋;一个可以自我调节的水底呼吸口香 TEZMAN可以在世界上任何地方旅行不管海陆--为了紧张的行程表. 虽然它是特殊交工具的爱好但是据说连驾照都没有... 他也许可以很好的支持TETSU69继续在充满着背叛,掠夺,阴谋旋涡的音乐界(真的是这样的?)...

Let's shout its name,TEZMAN !